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Need to make an important purchase that was a surprise? Do you need cash now to cover your financial commitments? It can be difficult to ask a friend or a loved one for a loan and often times even harder to find someone with enough cash. When money is tight, it’s comforting to have a trusted loan provider. We have experienced and discreet loan managers to serve you quickly and securely.

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We’re here as your short-term lender when you need emergency cash quickly, privately, and securely. Whether it’s for a utility bill, an anniversary, or even a costume for a school play, we realize that sometimes a payday advance is the only option.

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 We want what you want: to provide a short-term cash solution for you till your next payday, right when you need it. Call (775) 322-5005 or visit our store at 495B Keystone Ave. Come and get your cash now!

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