While you might think of Reno as just a smaller, less glamorous version of Las Vegas, you’ll find there’s much more to this city than meets the eye. 

Reno boasts a variety of unique attractions that can rival any major tourist destination.

From the iconic Reno Arch to the cultural haven that is the Nevada Museum of Art, from the natural beauty of the Truckee River Walk to the winter wonderland of Mount Rose Ski Resort, and not forgetting the vintage extravaganza at The National Automobile Museum, there’s an abundance of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Don’t you want to know why these locations are considered the top five in Reno?

The Reno Arch: Iconic Landmark

You can’t miss the iconic Reno Arch, a landmark that brightly heralds ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’. It stands tall, right in the heart of downtown Reno, capturing the essence of the city’s vibrant spirit. This arch isn’t just a sign; it’s a beacon, guiding you towards the unique blend of excitement and charm that Reno offers.

You’ll find the arch on Virginia Street, where it’s been standing since 1926. It’s gone through a few facelifts, but it’s never lost that classic appeal. It’s a snapshot of history, a symbol of Reno’s resilience, and a beacon of neon that outshines the darkness.

Underneath the arch, you’re only steps away from some of Reno’s best attractions. There are casinos, restaurants, and bars, all waiting to offer you a good time. But don’t forget to take a moment and look up. That’s where you’ll see the words that have welcomed countless visitors over the years: ‘Reno, The Biggest Little City in the World’.

Nevada Museum of Art: Cultural Haven

After soaking in the glow of the Reno Arch, it’s worth making a trip to the Nevada Museum of Art, a true haven for culture enthusiasts. As you explore its four levels, you’ll encounter a diverse collection of art that spans creative eras and geographical boundaries.

The museum’s exhibits are constantly rotating, so each visit offers something new. You might find yourself marveling at contemporary installations, tracing the history of photography, or delving into the world of indigenous art. The museum is also home to the Center for Art + Environment, a unique research hub focusing on creative interactions with natural, built, and virtual environments.

Don’t forget to pause at the Sky Room. This top-floor space offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, providing a visual treat that complements the artistic wonders inside. You can also grab a bite at the museum’s Chez Louie, a classy French-inspired eatery that perfectly rounds off your visit.

In the Nevada Museum of Art, you’ll not only immerse yourself in art and culture but also engage with thought-provoking themes and perspectives. It’s a significant stop on any Reno itinerary, a place where art and culture come together to inspire and educate.

Truckee River Walk: Natural Beauty

Beyond the confines of the Nevada Museum of Art, the Truckee River Walk awaits, offering a breathtaking immersion into Reno’s natural beauty. As you step onto the well-maintained paths, you’re immediately greeted by the serene ambiance of the flowing Truckee River.

Your eyes will feast on the stunning landscape. Tall, mature trees dot the river’s edge, their leaves rustling gently in the breeze. You’ll see wildlife too, like ducks nonchalantly floating along the water or squirrels scurrying up the trees. The scene is so picturesque that it’s hard to believe you’re still in the heart of Reno.

As you stroll along the River Walk, you’ll encounter charming shops, cafes, and art installations. These man-made features blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, adding to the overall appeal of the area. You’ll feel an undeniable sense of tranquility as you soak in the sights and sounds of the River Walk. It’s a place where nature and urban life coexist harmoniously.

Mount Rose Ski Resort: Winter Wonderland

Just a short drive from downtown Reno, Mount Rose Ski Resort transforms into a winter wonderland when the snow begins to fall. The crisp air, the untouched snow, and the majestic mountain landscape will take your breath away. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a postcard.

As one of the highest base elevations in Tahoe, you’re guaranteed plenty of quality snow. Whether you’re an expert skier or a novice, there’s a trail that’s perfect for you. But skiing isn’t the only way to enjoy this snowy paradise. You can also try snowboarding, snowshoeing, or simply building a snowman.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your gear at home. You can rent everything you need right there. You’ll also find a variety of cozy dining options, from casual cafes to fine dining. After a day on the slopes, nothing beats warming up with a hot chocolate or a hearty meal.

The National Automobile Museum: Vintage Extravaganza

Ever imagined taking a stroll through automotive history? At the National Automobile Museum in Reno, you don’t just imagine it, you live it. This is a haven for car enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The museum boasts a collection of over 200 vintage, classic, and special-interest automobiles, each telling a unique story of innovation, design, and societal impact.

The museum is divided into four galleries, each representing a different era in automotive history. You’ll marvel at the horseless carriages from the turn of the 20th century, admire the elegant vehicles of the 1930s, and reminisce about the muscle cars of the 1960s. They’ve got it all.

Don’t miss the 1907 Thomas Flyer, winner of the world’s first around-the-globe auto race, or the 1932 Lincoln KB used by President Hoover. Each car is meticulously maintained, transporting you back in time with every detail.

You’ll also enjoy interactive exhibits and educational programs that bring the cars and their stories to life. So, if you’re in Reno, take a detour to the National Automobile Museum. It’s not just a museum; it’s a trip down memory lane.

So, you’ve explored the iconic Reno Arch, immersed yourself in culture at the Nevada Museum of Art, and taken in the natural beauty of the Truckee River Walk.

You’ve hit the slopes at Mount Rose Ski Resort and stepped back in time at the National Automobile Museum. From cultural havens to natural beauty and vintage extravaganzas, Reno’s got it all.